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L3000 Series
Electronic Power Supply---V5000
The V5000 series products are the third-generation digital power products independently developed by our company,they are specially developed for driving power of high-pressure mercury lamps, halogen lamps and other gas discharge lamps. The V5000 series products are divided into low power series, medium power series and high power series according to power level.
Electronic Power Supply---H2000
H2000 series machine is a special drive power supply designed for low voltage, low power and high current lamps.H2000 series have the same outside dimensions as V5000 low-power machine. The lamp voltage is limited to 220V for single-phase models and 400V for three-phase models. This series of products has good lighting-up performance, strong excitation ability, the highest excitation voltage is more than 5,000 volts, and they will still have good excitation performance in low temperature environment. It adopts the same power-current double-closed-loop vector control as the V5000 series, and have stable output energy and rich extension functions and other characteristics. They are widely used in the ultraviolet (UV) demand industries such as printing, packaging, building materials, furniture, advertising decoration, and automotive electronics, etc.
Electronic Power Supply--- L3000
L3000 series LED power supply is a high-tech product developed for the driving of UV LED lamps. With high-performance MCU as the control core, high-precision vector control algorithm ensures stable output of energy and creates excellent curing equipment for customers. This product is widely used in more than 20 fields such as painting, printing, woodworking, PCB, military medical.The power covers 1.5-12KW and output channels covers 3-24.
Electronic Power Supply---S2000
The S series is a mini model based on the H series machine platform. The S series machines have the same performance as the H series machines, but they are much smaller than the H series machines. S series products are used in large current driving applications with lamp voltage below 450V. The peak value of excitation voltage of 4T (three-phase 380V) model is above 5KV, and the peak value of excitation voltage of 2S (single-phase 220V) model is above 3KV, which has strong lighting ability. With large output current and rich external expansion functions, it has been widely used in more than 20 fields such as painting, printing, woodworking, PCB, military medical and so on.
Electronic Power Supply---X6000
X6000 series xenon lamp power supply is a high-tech product developed for DC long-arc xenon lamps. DC long-arc xenon lamps are mainly used in xenon aging machines. Xenon aging machines are also called "sunshine radiation protection test devices".
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